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Moomat’s Deep Diver finished for OK Policy Institute!

We are very proud to have finished work on adding a Deep Diver enhancement widget to OK Policy Institue’s website.

OK Policy promotes adequate, fair, and fiscally responsible funding of public services and expanded opportunity for all Oklahomans by providing timely and credible information, analysis, and ideas.

Utilizing Moomat’s Deep Diver technology, Moomat indexed their content, extracting specific topics and categorizing each into topic areas. Then, algorithmically, Deep Diver links the content together based on these topics, the general strength and significance of each topic, and the strength of the relationship of each topic to each piece of content.

Linking together via shared topics allows Moomat to promote other content that may interest the readers of OK Policy. The categorization of topics allows the users to choose how they move through this web of connected content, adding context and control over how they want to explore OK Policy’s content. It’s all about making their content easier to navigate, explore, and discover. Check it out at the bottom of any article on OKPOLICY.ORG

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